Have you ever heard of a medical condition called epilepsy and that it can be cured with the prescription of medicinal cannabis? Some chronic and terminal illnesses are known to be cured with the help of cannabis, when conventional medication does not work. While some medicines might work for such illnesses, they could result in chronic side effects. These can be avoided by using medicinal cannabis instead. A lot of studies suggest that certain chronic ailments can be cured with the help of oral extracts, sprays or even pills of medicinal cannabis. 

Here are a few genuine reasons why medicinal cannabis should be legalized.

Cannabis and Epilepsy

Billy Caldwell, a 12-year-old from UK, has been suffering from epilepsy and is also known to have been cured of seizures with the help of cannabis. His mother has been fighting a legal battle in order to make medicinal use of cannabis legal to keep her son alive. Scientists are investigating the use of cannabidiol as part of medical treatment, which is known to be found in cannabis. Children with severe epilepsy-related seizures are known to be cured with the help of cannabidiol-based treatments.

If Alcohol Is Legal, Why Not Cannabis?

An increasing number of people in the US as well as UK are petitioning for legalizing cannabis, especially for medicinal usage. Alcohol and cigarettes are responsible for a number of deaths each year in the US alone and these are also equally addictive substances. Petitioners are now contesting for cannabis to be legal in parallel to alcohol and cigarettes. Cannabis is known to be non-addictive in nature, unlike alcohol and cigarettes. If regulated and controlled in terms of usage, cannabis can prove to be a boon for medicinal usage.

The Money Factor

Every state and country that legalizes cannabis can make earnings out of the tax that can be levied on its sale. There is a huge amount of income to be made via selling of this substance, but first, it needs to be legalized. USA alone stands to make billions of dollars in income if cannabis is legalized and sold like other substances. Despite cannabis being illegal, there is still wide-spread sale that happens on a daily basis and the government loses money in turn.

Legalizing and Controlling

It is all about legalizing and thereby controlling the usage of cannabis across the globe. Reports suggest that innumerable people use cannabis on a daily basis despite it being illegal. The sales figures are unbelievable and it only results in loss of business for the government. Legalizing and controlling the sale and usage of cannabis can be considered by the government. Tax payers also end up spending a lot of money each year just for prosecution of people for cannabis possession.

Safe Usage with Legality

Portugal is a good example when it comes to legalizing and controlling the sale and possession of cannabis. It has reported reduction in consumption from the time of legalizing cannabis back in 2001. Even underage consumption of drugs can be regulated if cannabis is sold by regulated and licensed agencies, shops or stores.

Considering all the above reasons, it’s fair to justify that medicinal cannabis should be legalized across the globe.

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