Best Holiday Destinations You Must Not Miss
1) Georgia

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Georgia, the birthplace of wine is a joy for those people, who are willing to hangout
with closed ones. This place is fully surrounded by coastal beaches, farmland and
2) Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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Plovdiv is one of the oldest inhabited City in Europe built around 7 hills in southern
Bulgaria. The star attraction of this city is Roman theatre,which overlooks the city
and they hosts events throughout the summer.

3) Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein is a German speaking city, sandwiched between Switzerland and
Austria. It has spectacular mountain scenery. According to the United Nations World
Tourism Organisation, it has highest visited nations in the world.

4) Azores Islands, Portugal

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This Portuguese archipelago has more wholesome reputation as one of the planet’s
best whale watching hotspots. In this place you can indulge yourself in adventures


5) Faroe Islands

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Nowadays, most people are going to Iceland; this ruggedly handsome archipelago
serves up spectacular scenery but you won’t find much people. This place is a
paradise for hikers and surrounded with cascading waterfalls.

6) Mauritius

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Mauritius is rightly famous for sapphire waters, powder white beaches and luxury
resorts. This is perfect destination for this summer.


7) Maldives

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Maldives is the ultimate luxury island escape and it has a private white-sand islands
fringed by crystal blue waters. This is the best place for hand crafted cocktail and it
has luxury cruise as sun sets.

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